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Dear Parents of the Class of 2024,

The McLean Student Services Department is excited to share our sophomore parent podcast, featuring Paul Stansbery, Director of Student Services, and Kathleen Otal, School Counselor.  This podcast shares how parents can set their child up for success as they build independence, choose their junior year courses, and explore interests.  You can listen to our podcast here.

Links to several resources mentioned in the podcast are below.

McLean HS College Planning Timeline:


Author Talk:

Stay tuned for our final parent podcast of the year, which will address the college planning process.  This podcast will be sent out by the end of May.

McLean Student Services

October 5, 2020 Understanding PSAT Scores: A Roadmap for the SAT and College Admission in the Years of COVID and Beyond

College applications, beginning with PSAT testing, is a confusing gauntlet that stresses out high school parents every year. Add in a global pandemic and rapidly changing requirements, and it’s nearly impossible to know what your child truly needs to do–until now. Join our upcoming webinar to hear Ann Dolin, M.Ed. shed light on this confusing process and reveal: 

✓ What PSAT scores really mean and how to interpret the data

✓ Navigating the standardized testing process beginning with the PSAT

✓ Why the PSAT is not as predictive as it once was and what scores mean for your child

 With clear next steps and updated advice, you’ll feel confident in the best way to support your high schooler throughout this year—and beyond.

Podcast Listen here to the first McLean Parent Podcast for parents of Freshmen, hosted by Ashley Lowry featuring Paul Stansbery, Director of Student Services, and Kathleen O’Tal, school counselor.

SAT & ACT Tests, Timelines & College Journey

A recorded PTSA presentation from February 3, 2021

“Join our guest speaker, Jess Johnson, from the Georgetown Learning Center to learn the inside of the college admission tests (SAT, ACT), Timelines and Planning, Important Changes in the Past Year (due to COVID), and Impact to the College Journey going forward. Jess is a McLean High School alum (class of 1998), a UVA Engineering School graduate, and has over 13years of professional experience teaching and helping students achieve the college experience he enjoyed.”

To view a recording of the meeting, click here.

To view Mr. Johnson’s slide, click here.

Helpful links:

  • SAT administered and offered by Collage Board 
  • ACT administered and offered by ACT, Inc.
  • College Application – Common APP 

Painless study strategies and tips for preparing and acing final and AP exams

A recorded PTSA presentation from April 14, 2021

To view slides from the meeting, click here.

Student-Athletes: Opportunities for Competition & Success in College

A recorded PTSA presentation from March 11, 2021 hosted by experts from C2 Education

Is your child a student athlete in one or more sports? Do they dream of playing at the collegiate level? In this presentation, we’ll discuss how the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) provides pathways for student-athletes to attend college and compete against teams at their level. We’ll cover eligibility, recruitment, scholarships, and other key topics to help you navigate the NCAA admissions process.

To view a recording of the meeting, click here.