Volunteer Opportunities

The McLean PTSA is an all-volunteer organization. Every program the PTSA runs is planned, funded and implemented by the creative, energetic and generous families of McLean High School.

Whether you have the time and energy to chair a committee or prefer to volunteer an hour at an occasional event, YOUR PTSA NEEDS YOU and appreciates all that you do!

Volunteering is an important part of the McLean High School PTSA success. We want families to volunteer how they want and when they want with no pressure of mandatory volunteer hours. There are several volunteer opportunities to choose from this school year, ranging from one day events to ongoing committees. 

We will also post volunteer opportunities throughout the year on our Facebook page. Please email us at secretary@mcleanptsa.org. Be sure to mention that you are interested in serving in a leadership position. This does not commit you to a position or a team but allows us to reach out to you and provide more information.

Come join us in our efforts to enrich the education of students, support administration and staff, and build an informed, connected community.  

PTSA positions 2021-2022 School Year


Serve our Highlander community before stepping into the role of President. Share your valuable insights and contributions and shape the following year, while allowing time to learn on the job.

eNews Co-Chair and Members

Responsible for sending weekly PTSA e-newsletter. Share relevant information, promote events and enhance parent engagement.  Proof-reading skills are a plus.

eNews Proofreader: Review draft of e-newsletter to test links, catch typos, and verify consistency with format standard.

eNews Publisher: Use GovDelivery tool to enter prepared content, images, links and .pdfs provided. Follow committee developed format standards. Send a test version to the proofreader and incorporate changes. Schedule final version in the tool for publishing at noon on Wednesdays.

Hospitality Co-Chair and Members

Organize hospitality events throughout the year to engage school administration and teachers with the community (e.g., welcome lunch, year-end lunch, weekly tea station).

The Hospitality Committee needs your help to appreciate our teachers and staff for their dedication to the school and our students. We have a schedule of events planned for the year. We need your help to make these events happen, these events can be planned remotely at your pace, i.e., organizing catering, planning delivery of food, creating sign up genius for events, etc. You can sign up for one or more events. Interested? Please email VP of Programs, at programs@mcleanptsa.org.

Health & Wellness Committee Co-Chair 

Organize events for students that promote wellness; collaborate with Student Services and school psychologists to deliver programs (e.g., wellness Wednesdays, yoga, therapy dogs). In light of the virtual start for the school year, the chair will plan and organize virtual events that focus on the mental health and wellness of students and support family life education.

Membership Co-Chair

The Membership Co-Chair will collaborate with the VP Fundraising to create and implement a membership plan, promote membership through AtoZ Connect, and provide membership reports at PTSA board meetings.

It involves collaborating with the AtoZ Connect staff to help create a student directory both online and print versions. Responsible for supporting parent/student online verification at the beginning of the school year. Training will be provided for AtoZ Connect tool. 

You will have an opportunity to learn from seasoned parent volunteers who will help you with this role. 

PTSA Board Positions for the 2022-2023 School Year


President Elect

VP Fundraising

If you are interested in volunteering contact our Secretary at secretary@mcleanptsa.org for more details. 

General Volunteering

Signup for 2022 Grad Party Committee 

The graduation ceremony is planned for June 1st at 2.30pm, and the Graduation Party will be hosted by the PTSA later that evening on June 1st. 

We are looking for Co-Chairs to lead the planning and execution of the event. We also need parents’ help with fundraising, entertainment/decor, food, budget, and other activities for the event. We cannot do this without parent/guardian volunteers. Please sign up here. Thank you! Questions? Email angp@mcleanptsa.org

March Friday Tea Station SignUp: The PTSA is planning on treating teachers and staff to a weekly Friday morning breakfast treats. Sign up here for the week that best suits your schedule.

Fundraising Team Volunteers: assist, promote and coordinate PTSA fundraising initiatives during the academic year.

Contact the PTSA Secretary for more information and to find out more about how you can get involved.