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Mid-Year Donation Drive

McLean HS Needs Your Support for this School Year
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Fellow Parents,

McLean HS students and teachers need our financial support to build and maintain school-wide programming that supports personal growth, encourages academic excellence and builds community.

Each year, through the PTSA, we provide the financial resources necessary for enrichment programs and projects not funded by tax dollars.  Items to be fully or partially funded by the PTSA for 2017-18 include:

School-based Enrichment and Support

  • Grants Program: funding for staff identified needs in English, Fine Arts, Science, Special Education, Student Services, Technology Education and World Language Departments. A complete list is posted at
  • Building and grounds improvements: landscaping, new score board, security cameras, hallway and auditorium signage
  • Staff support: Welcome Back Breakfast (August), Friday Hospitality Cart, Highlander Appreciation (May)
  • Student Support: Lexus-Nexis Database, School Supplies

Community Building and Support

  • Community Health and Wellness: Ethics Day, Sources of Strength program, Stress Reduction Activities during Highlander 8, Parent Information Session on Vaping
  • McLean PTSA Website: community resource with quick links to MHS related sites and parent resources, student access to the MHS slideshow for club and activities information, and “Class of” information.

Please make a contribution to the PTSA today in support of your student and McLean HS.

We appreciate the contributions already received and hope the mid-year campaign allows everyone an opportunity to support the efforts to ensure funding this year.

Please donate in the amount comfortable for your family; all donations are warmly welcomed. Thank you in advance for your support.